The Varioplan consists of fine-milled sheets in various steel qualities in any desired size. Length and width are available in various standard thicknesses according to the wishes of the client. Cross-rolled and stress-free annealed sheets serve as base material. Short lead times at favourable prices.

The following qualities are available in Varioplan from the manufacturer’s stock:

Werkstoff nr.DIN-aanduidingThickness
1.0577S355J2/St.52-310,3 mm tot 196,3 mm
1.1730C 45 W10,3 mm tot 196,3 mm
1.2083X 42 Cr 1315,3 mm tot 116,3 mm
1.231140 Cr Mn Mo 712,3 mm tot 196,3 mm
1.2343X 38 Cr Mo V 5 -110,3 mm tot 136,3 mm
1.2379X 155 Cr V Mo 12 110,3 mm tot 100,3 mm
1.2767X 45 Ni Cr Mo 410,3 mm tot 136,3 mm
1.713116 Mn Cr 510,3 mm tot 136,3 mm
Toolox® 33Vario Toolox® 33naar wens
Toolox® 44Vario Toolox® 44naar wens

 1 – Standard sawed sides 

Width4,0/-0 mm. 
Thickness0,2/-0 mm. 
Length4,0/-0 mm. 

 2 – If required, with ends milled 

Width0,5/-0 mm. 
Thickness0,2/-0 mm. 
Length0,5/-0 mm.