At J. Hersbach B.V., it is possible to tailor each request completely according to the customer’s needs and to offer a comprehensive service. The following machining options are available:

J. Hersbach B.V. has six sawing machines that ensure the customer always receives the desired size. Large series of sawing work are also possible.

Mega 1300: (W x D) 1300 x 1500mm
Mega 700: (W x D) 700 x 800mm
Mega 450: (W x D) 450 x 450mm
Kasto 660/360: (W x D x L) 660 x 360 x 4500mm
(2x) Everising 450: (W x D) 450 x 450mm

Waterjet Cutting
In addition to sawing steel, it is also possible to cut contours according to drawings using waterjet cutting. Maximum capacity: 8000 x 3000mm

Milling & Grinding
Besides sawing, it is possible to mill and grind products entirely to customer specifications.

Complete According to Drawing
In addition to custom milling and grinding, it is also possible to deliver products fully made according to drawings, including hardening. This way, the customer is relieved from A to Z and can use the product immediately.